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Length:  Submissions are normally between 200 and 1200 words long (up to 4000 words for historical  entries on philosophical schools and movements such as "Comparative Philosophy").


All submissions are peer reviewed. Most entries explain concepts and terms, but entries on philosophers or books are also accepted. All entries will be published with the author’s name. Entries must present bibliographical references for further reading at the end of the text.

The main idea of ODIP is to provide information about non-mainstream concepts and thinkers that are preferably related to interculturality. Entries also provide original interpretations of conventional concepts in an intercultural context.  This is how ODIP strives to distinguish itself from and complement other existing encyclopedias.


On the 'Call for Entries' page you will find a list of terms. These are just suggestions. Entries on other relevant terms are welcome.


Send to:


Submissions will be edited and do not need to come in perfect English. We can also translate contributions from certain languages.


For submissions on Latin America contact ALAFI at


The copyright stays with the authors.

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